Perfect Truffle Assortment

$ 12.50

Our truffles use fresh Vermont-grown cream and a unique South American chocolate that makes them really good.  Indeed, Steph did not like truffles at all - until she created them better.  Many other truffles are mass produced with low quality chocolate and stored for months in warehouses with the aid of corn syrup and preservatives.  Ours are quite the opposite, and the essence of the true destiny of what a truffle was originally intended to be.  It's a conjugal moment with the soul of cacao.  It is sublime and unimposing on your mouth.  It is consensual.  Taste our truffles and finally find truffle true love.

This assortment includes one of each; Rich Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Truffle, and Raspberry Truffle, and Whiskey Cayenne Truffle.