Maple Toffee
with pistachios

Our most sought after confection
Vermont's Best

Maple Granola

Nutty Steph’s is a small and mighty organization comprised of dedicated and creative people, unified to inspire a more delicious world. Since 2003, Nutty Steph’s has hand-crafted its chocolate and granola products with the highest quality ingredients, all designed to connect you to the purity of its flavors, to its origin, to the Earth, to your body, to your pleasure, and to your soul. -Enjoy!

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Chocolate Sourcing

"helping to increase the quality of life for the land and the people who work it" -Sophie

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Nutty Steph's at Camp Meade

961 US Rt 2
Middlesex, VT 05602

Wednesday - Monday, 10am - 6pm
Tuesday, 12pm - 6pm


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